VICI Jour 2020 夏季商品快訊


The VICI Jour product portfolio consists of tubing, fittings, filters, safety products, and tools for LC and liquid handling. A few things to point out - you might notice a new logo at the top of this newsletter, which will be phased in gradually. The standard products are shown in the newest VICI Jour Catalog 20 INT, which is available to order in print format or download from our website. Additional information is also available including references, support material, and contact details. Please visit for more information and for downloading the VICI Jour catalog from

In this issue, we would like to highlight some of our new products for fluid handling and lab safety.



Many scientists are requiring higher and higher pressures to perform separations, so VICI has developed a new one-piece fitting for the Jour product line. The new fitting is made from VICTREX HT high-performance polymer, which is capable of withstanding pressures of up to 500 bar (7,250 psi) when tightened by hand. Higher pressures up to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi) can be achieved by using a mechanical wrench.

Many UHPLC applications are carried out in the pressure range of approx. 600-800 bar, which means that the steel capillaries used between the pump and column must use this type of fitting to achieve a pressure-tight connection between the system components.

The new VICI Jour JR-55031 fitting has been designed and manufactured to offer greater flexibility, is reusable, and, above all, offers easier handling compared to steel screw fittings. They are available in packs of 5 - PN JR-55031-5 and have a competitive market price. Please contact VICI Jour for bulk orders. You will find this product on page 27 in the VICI Jour catalog 20 INT.



Eliminate the evaporation of organic compounds from solvents in your lab by using VICI Jour safety caps and filters. The use of these filters will also allow you to avoid contamination of mobile phase bottles, thus increasing the reliability and robustness of LC applications. We recommend including the VICI Jour exhaust filter as a part of your lab safety program. When placed on the waste bottle of an HPLC system, the specially-treated absorbent removes organic solvent vapor evaporating from the waste solution.

VICI Jour filters have the largest absorbent capacity currently available on the market. This increases the typical lifetime up to 10 months for methanol and 8 months for acetonitrile. The newly designed total-organic vapor (TOV)* breakthrough detector allows additional detection of aliphatic hydrocarbons (i.e. hexane) and aromatic hydrocarbons (i.e. benzene) indicating the saturation of the adsorbent by a color change of the detector. We also offer replacement kits that come with three detectors in a convenient carrying case. You will find this product on page 68 in the VICI Jour catalog 20 INT.




HPLC systems use up to four different mobile

phases and the GL45 thread is the most common bottle thread. VICI Jour offers two safety cap kits for use with gradient (up to quaternary) HPLC systems. The kits come with inlet valves equipped with cellulose filters preventing any bacteria contamination and plugs for the closure of unused bores. TheVICI Jour caps, filters, and valves are also sold individually. You will find this product on page 72 in the VICI Jour catalog 20 INT.




In addition, VICI Jour offers safety coated GL45 bottles.

Should a bottle become damaged, the special safety coating retains the glass splinters, reducing the risk of injury.

The VICI Jour safety coated bottles are available in multiple volumes.

You will find this product on page 84 in the VICI Jour catalog 20 INT.


We wish you a pleasant summer as well as a healthy and safe working environment!

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