VICI 關於HP2-110嚴重出貨延遲的說明


由於目前市場對HP2淨化器以及脈衝放電檢測器(PDD)的超高需求度,自今年年初以來,VICI Precision Sampling產線的累計生產訂單已超過12週。更由於當前疫情的大流行,我們的美國產線也處於一個艱難的時期。




Due to a very high demand for our HP2 purifiers which we sell separately as well as part of our pulsed discharge detectors (PDD's).

since the start of this year, we have a current backlog in the production that sums up to more than 12 weeks at our sister company VICI Precision Sampling.

Due to the current pandemic, we are facing a difficult time at our production locations in the USA, also due to delayed delivery of raw materials from 3rd parties.

We are doing everything possible to overcome this unsatisfactory situation, including overtime, weekend shifts and hiring additional employees.

For the long term we are planning extensions of buildings, followed by investments in machinery for production.

Unfortunately, we currently can’t give an estimation when the situation normalizes, but I can ensure you that our complete organization is doing everything to resolve this situation as fast as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and hope for your understanding, we will keep you updated on your orders delivery date.

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